An Embarrassment of Riches
… Searching for a BLT on Abbot Kinney (continued)

Donut Star opens with CBS news coverage… Salt & Straw the hippest of ice cream shops out of Portland, readies its arrival in Venice.

And now Granola Bitch which Google says is founded by a ‘holistic food coach’ has twittered its coming entree on to the street of the fabulous.

Fala Bar just opened. It’s another Vegan place. There is a little irony with this one: it replaces Pork Belly BBQ!

We are the new Aspen.

Who would have thought that this off-of-center street where owners actually ran their stores, would morph into the new must-be place for the retail world’s corporate rich.
The new shops are staffed with very young gorgeous blonds – who won’t be there in six months.

But, the truly amazing fact of all this excitement of our ‘new new’ is that these shops are opening with a secret weapon… they don’t care if they make a profit. Rents are running around $12+ a foot now and you’ll need to sell lots of ice cream cones and donuts to turn that bottom line black. Maybe they will.

$6 donuts, $5 artisanal coffee, $10 smoothies, $12 juices, faux bacon, casual cashmere and one organic shop after the other pops up and still not a damn BLT offered on the street!

Corporations are not people.


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