Another Scheme To Overbuild And Under Park

Someone tapped Arnold Schwarzenegger on the shoulder and reminded him that
he owns 812 Main Street, the gateway to Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Schwarzenegger and his powerful team of expediters and facilitators have begun their push to obtain
exemptions and exceptions to build an almost 18,000 square foot office building and a 2100 square foot restaurant.

Phantom Parking

They intend to get approval from the city by using one of those amazing calculations where plain air is turned into ‘credits’ for non-existent parking spaces. They are going for almost 40 phantom parking spaces! Nikola Hlady of the Elizabeth Peterson Group, the project representative, said that of the nearly 40 spaces which will not be provided, only 9 require city approval. That approval will be based upon receiving a credit for a “shared parking model” which is a calculation amongst the different use needs of the property determined by a parking consultant group.

Under the current building codes 18 additional spaces would now be required for the gym. According to Hlady, these spaces will be an automatic credit against the parking required for this new project. Additionally, the ‘bicycle ordinance’ will also credit the project with 9 parking spaces. The bottom line is that if this office building and restaurant were to be built new today, the parking requirement is 92 spaces.

ImagineVenice Suggests

The solution to the parking deficit is for the owner to build less office space and provide the parking the community needs and the city requires. The owner is not dealing with a hardship situation.

We agree that anything Schwarzenegger does to the building whether it’s maintenance or a rehab will improve the neighborhood aesthetics. The question that has to be asked is what will be the collateral damage with this scheme to add huge footage to an existing structure without providing the needed parking spaces.

Will the city approve a project of this size with only 56 parking spaces? Or will the city, knowing this neighborhood’s parking and congestion problems insist this huge building project provide the required and urgently needed 92 spaces?

Imagine Venice, Edition 8812 Main Street

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