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December 12, 2012

Welcome to ImagineVenice

There is no other community in Los Angeles like ours. We treasure past and lively present. And now, with Venice becoming the destination to live, create, shop, dine and even, just hang out, we are facing critical choices that will effect the culture and life of our community for many years to come.

ImagineVenice.org is for you–Venetians who know that our community is a very special place in the world.

As participant-creators of this amazing place, we must keep our eyes open and stay involved. If we do not, we will find ourselves living in a community that has been transformed into another Grove or Santa Monica Promenade. We already have a new 3-shop ‘mini-mall’ on the Street. Deep pocketed corporate interests are willing and able to pay any price to lease on Abbot Kinney. Locally owned shops and restaurants are on the ‘endangered list.’ Just in the last three months we have lost Plantation, Evolution Salon and Double Vision. Our sweet Jin Patisserie is being pushed out along with Glen Crest BBQ. The Plantation space is now leased to a high-end European company with other such shops opening soon.

We are a group of concerned residents who no longer want to watch what we treasure about our community melt away. Currently, there are a number of large developments being reviewed by the city. These projects need the immediate attention of residents, merchants, property owners, and people who care about the preservation of Venice.

ImagineVenice.org will attempt to keep all interested Venetians up to date on commercial developments in our community. Initially, we will review progress on the following:

1. A proposed automated block long privately owned parking structure behind Abbot Kinney facing Electric.

2. A proposed development of a boutique hotel on the 1000 block of Abbot Kinney.


We Are Pro Development

We understand that nothing stays the same. We are interested in promoting any new projects with the appropriate scale and look that maintains our unique and cohesive sense of community. We want to encourage developers to create buildings that will fit in and enhance our already vibrant neighborhood.

To protect what we have, we will insist that new developments consider our unique ambiance first and foremost. Our priority is to maintain the character of the Street and our community. If we don’t participate in the civic debate concerning the development in our community, we will be defeated by powerful influences driving their own vision. A vision whose highest goal is commerce and profit, not community and culture. Our Venice uniqueness is threatened and could be gone forever. If we do not engage in this community building, we will only have ourselves to blame for the homogenization that could occur and that we see all around us in other Westside communities.


Development is Inevitable

Only positive local influence on future developments will save our distinctness.  Development is inevitable. We can make a difference by demanding that future development  fits  into  our neighborhood.  Our commitment to you is to inform you of what development issues face our community. We want your voices to be heard in the city and by the developers. Please join us.

Stay informed and speak up if you want to keep Venice unique and special.  Encourage new projects that maintain our community’s ambiance.  If you don’t, Venice will be lost forever. We will be left here only to dream and ImagineVenice as it was and could have been…if only we had paid more attention.

Please watch this space and sign our mailing list to keep informed of community developments as they unfold.

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