Edition 18
April 16, 2015


Let’s not mince words, it’s over.

We are fabulous. GQ said so. We look good on the outside.

The impending and imminent exit of Hal’s, Casa Linda, the old Angela shoe repair and the glorious eccentric Bountiful, closes out the era of a street actually used by locals. A street where we once belonged. Abbot Kinney becomes even more fabulous every passing day — too fabulous surely for anyone here more than five years. We figure it won’t be much longer before people don’t even recall that it was once our street — a place for the regulars — ordinary not-so-fabulous people who thought it was their street and fit into it like it was the proverbial old glove. It had a sense of place. That’s a very rare experience in L.A. and perhaps it exists nowhere else. Heck, today people think “The Grove” has a sense of place.

Hold your memories close, they are more important than ever as our town morphs into all that we disdain. You know, all those reasons you don’t live in Brentwood. It soon will be hard to remember how good and comfortable that old glove fit.


The Abbot Kinney Hotel Project (now called Venice Place)

What’s New is Old

The developers invited a select group of guests to see their ‘big reveal.’

Now, it’s gussied up with a very ‘current’ look. It ties 8 lots together with a new sleight-of-hand technique which divides up the project and ties the now separate buildings together with catwalks, while they claim there is no restricted lot tie. It is still a huge project. They are good to go now in their view. After one year they will finally submit a complete application to the city for approval and for review by the community.

Still, the entire city block-long project will load and unload all trucks on Broadway at the same 3 curbside spaces.

Still, the hotel’s entry and exit utilizes Electric Avenue entirely. None of the traffic is directed away from the residential streets of Oakwood. The brunt of the entire hotel circulation continues to fall on one of Venice’s oldest communities.

Still, school children risk the traffic on very narrow Broadway and Westminster as they make their way to and from elementary school.

Still, another opportunity lost by the developers to build a hotel viewed by residents as good for Venice. Instead, they continue not to listen to residents. The new hotel plan makes absolutely no changes which would eliminate or mitigate the major issues which will impact Oakwood.

The latest plan will increase opposition to the project as people lose hope that the developers will create a plan which works for residents and puts neighborhoods first.