Entitlement for The Venice Tree House

LA City Code Enforcement has slammed the hammer down hard on the Venice owner of of a sweet kid’s tree house citing an endless string of ‘violations.’ This is not one of those ‘forts’ we built as kids that we put together with any scrap piece of wood we could find to hammer a nail into. No, this is one of those exquisite little thoughtful structures made of bamboo which has been happily in use by the neighborhood kids all these years without any problems whatsoever.

Here in Venice, consultants pour thru property history records searching for ‘entitlements’ allowing ‘grandfathering’ clauses to be cited as justification for parking requirements.

‘Grandfathering’ rules in Venice. Right now, Local 1205 has a hearing scheduled to obtain an ABC license and expand to sidewalk seating plus add rear patio seating despite not having one parking space for all the seats they already have. The consultants have found some parking ‘out’ which ‘grandfathers’ the total lack of parking.

And there’s more — The building now undergoing big expansion next to the new Pork Belly just ‘legalized’ 3 parking spaces thereby filling an additional parking requirement when these parking spaces have actually been in parking use for 40 years! The old records never reflected these parking spaces so now this owner can ‘create’ parking officially and meet a parking requirement. And then there is Gjelina who has expanded and expanded without adding one parking space through the use of ‘grandfathering’ with the help of their restaurant consultant sleuths. Gjelina takes up so much parking in the Electric Avenue neighborhood that residents are on a perpetual parking hunt. The old World Gym is now doubling the size of the property plus adding a restaurant. It will do this with half the parking which would be required if old parking rules were not ‘grandfathered’ and that new freebie obtained for parking ‘credits’ for bike racks if their plans get approval from the city.

Who is going to pour through the records and find an old rule which will ‘entitle’ the
owner of the tree house to keep her kid’s play house? Let’s hope she gets help from
Councilman Bonin. Surely one of his legal eagles will find that holy grail of tree house

We hope they will.

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