Important Meeting – Proposed Hotel

Front Side Hotel Project 2

There will be a meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council LUPC Committee
on June 5th at 6:45pm at the Oakwood Recreation Center. The hotel project will be discussed, and there will be a presentation by the developers. We hope to hear comments from Venice residents at this meeting.

This will be an important information event. We hope there will be wide interest and large attendance from Venice residents. A project of this size will have many long-term effects on the community. We all need to be fully informed.

The simple size of the project has already garnered lots of comments and interest. The developer says that the renderings now out for public viewing are drawings of the project’s ‘mass’ but not the actual architecture. This project will be constructed on the block between Broadway and Westminster at 1033 Abbot Kinney. Besides its obvious height and mass, the project will create other significant effects on the community. Its impact on the immediate adjacent neighborhoods and its residents requires our serious and thoughtful evaluation. If this project is going to get built, Venice residents can have a positive and constructive impact on its final plans by making your opinions known to the developer and to the City.

Once all of the facts are made known, ImagineVenice will focus on them in depth. We hope to have the big facts to present in Edition 7 and we intend to discuss the positives and negatives of the project as best we can after we figure out what they are. We expect that our meeting with the developer at the end of May will illuminate many of the gray issues.

Mark your calendars for this very important information event.

Venice Neighborhood Council LUPC Committee

Oakwood Recreation Center

6:45pm June 5


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