In a blink of an eye

…the historical character of a building is obliterated.

That’s what just happened on Abbot Kinney.

A new brand, marketing ‘casual cashmere’ clothing to our new eliterati punched the street in the nose the other day with each stroke of its paint brush. A paint brush loaded with the whitest, glossiest white paint coated one of the streets oldest original brick buildings — three coats thick.

The new wonder brand and its vision is a progeny of Lululemon money. Its website is so slick and young and so fresh it takes your breath away. They are here to soak up the street’s coolness — and rake in the dough.

What this brand doesn’t have, in all its fabulousness, is a respect for its good fortune.
How was it possible they did not want to just lovingly enhance Sunya Currie’s amazing historic building and feel practically blessed they got the lease.

These visionaries are the ones you hear extolling the fabulous ‘sense of place’ they feel here — just like they experience at The Grove! They see Abbot Kinney as a cool image-builder while they destroy its cultural and historic persona. That unique persona is what made the street so special but they don’t see anything but dollar signs.

Welcome to the neighborhood Kit and Ace.

Now please put your paint brush away.


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