Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

venice_historical_shuttle_smDon Novack of Hal’s has an idea on how we can reduce traffic congestion on Abbot Kinney and its surrounding streets. Sitting with Don in The Gallery at Hal’s, he told ImagineVenice about his investigation into getting the Venice Historical Society Shuttle up and running again. He thinks it can happen. Don thought the Abbot Kinney Merchant’s Association might want to support a free shuttle. A free shuttle operating on Abbot Kinney may just be one fun and nifty ticket to solving at least one piece of our parking and congestion problems. We would like to see an Abbot Kinney shuttle operate nights and weekends.

To pull this off, we need a place where diners and shoppers can park and pick up the shuttle. The most obvious satellite lot is the huge parking lot at Westminster School. We need our council office to run interference for us with LAUSD and effect an arrangement attractive to both Westminster School, LAUSD, and the city with some fair split of parking revenue. This won’t be easy but we believe our council office can pull this off.

ImagineVenice asks our council office to open up a line of communication now with LAUSD and make this uncomplicated and cost free solution a reality. It’s not too often that the city is asked to make something important happen which won’t cost the city a dime and this is one of those times!

Sometimes there are simple solutions to complex problems.

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