The Hotel on Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Where are we now?

This project is big, very big. It will take up an entire city block on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in the heart of Venice. The scope of this hotel project is so large it will force a change in our extraordinary neighborhood and the way we currently live in Venice. These are not simply words but a promise of what will be.

Neighborhood Buster

The 1000 block of Abbot Kinney is being developed to the max. It is NOT a development scaled to fit in our neighborhood. Instead it is designed to generate the most money for its investors. We can only imagine how nice it could have been and what an asset it would have been, if only it had been designed to feel and look like our existing neighborhoods. It’s really sad that the developers have taken the easy return on investment model in lieu of replicating the community around Venice. It is a lost opportunity for us in Venice now and in the future. It could have been magic with buildings like the neighborhood in harmony with its surroundings. Instead, what is being proposed is a hotel project scaled to fit just about anywhere in downtown LA or on Venice Boulevard… it was not designed to be in the heart of Venice.

What are the developers really giving us? A massive city block long building, built to the max and then some — shiny and decorated. They think the integration of the old facades of a couple of the current restaurants will mask what this project really is. There is not a scintilla of Venice in this project.

UPDATED 01/20/14

The Sole Owner (an update)

Dan Abrams contacted ImagineVenice to clarify his sole ownership position and stated at this time he has no partners.  He said that while he intends to take on investors in the future, he will retain control. jumped to conclusions that Abrams had partners due to a document on Public Records dated 3/20/2012 which showed a 6.6 million dollar loan with co-borrowers Wyncoop Properties LLC and two other entities.

Abrams states that the Public Records document are not up-to-date and he is the only borrower on the note.

It is not the intent of to mislead our readers or misrepresent information. We hope the above information clarifies the issue.



What is next?

This designed project has nothing to do with Venice. It calls out for your disapproval and your insistence that it be re-designed to fit in with our community. Not so difficult a task… for people who really love Venice.

The Venice Neighborhood Council (LUPC) will meet on January 15 and make recommendations.

The Venice Neighbor Council Board will meet on January 21st to review the project. The council will hear from the developers and Venice residents. This meeting is open to all Venice residents.




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