The Hotel – Who’s minding the store?

It’s our store. There does not seem to be anyone out there taking a real look at this city-block-long 92 room hotel with spa, and at least 3 restaurants and bars. Before long, this developer LLC will slam our neighborhood with an endless stream of delivery trucks to service the restaurants and 92 room hotel. You already know about non-stop garbage trucks and how they squeeze in and out of our alleys. Imagine the future when this project gets fully built.

The developers are dancing through the permitting process hoping to get away without providing any off street parking for all their service trucks. The current plan allots approximately 4 parking spaces on Broadway at the curb for all service trucks.

Folks, remember we have a school right in this location. We have many kids who walk down Broadway to get to and from Westminster School. The developers are shutting their eyes to the risks they are building into our neighborhood with the inevitable congestion on Electric, Westminster, Broadway and Abbot Kinney. They are blind to the damage that the truck congestion will do to our neighborhoods. Trucks waiting for a place to load and unload will be forced to wait on the residential streets adjacent to the hotel as they stage to get into its so-called ‘loading dock.’

The developers are attempting to ‘buy’ their list of desired exemptions and exceptions with a few low income units carved somewhere into this project. Is the developer offering to build units for a few people in lieu of actually dedicating land to manage their trucks a fair trade for the residents of Venice? Topping this potential madness is their plan to bust the height limit with a 4th floor!

We are concerned when these LLC developers sell their bonanza project to Four Seasons or Marriott and are rich and long gone, the residents will be left with a nightmare of epic proportions. We hope the city is minding the store.

Say something! Do something!


Venice Neighborhood Council:

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