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Does anyone not understand why so many of the original members of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) and it’s important Land Use Committee (LUPC) were
either not re-elected or voted out? They were replaced with residents who are fed up with the attitude of business as usual. May 18th was a resoundingly loud and clear expression of the community’s discontent. The community wanted off its current path of exemptions, exceptions, and destruction that the prior VNC and LUPC were on. The massive no vote was a loud cry to take back our neighborhoods and put them into the caring hands of those who want to preserve Venice.

A skeleton now remains of 1353 Abbot Kinney. The first near-total destruction on Abbot Kinney of one of the street’s original brick buildings has been accomplished. A ghost of its former self remains. How sad for Venice.

Despite many people sounding loud alarm bells nothing stopped Mr.Shabani’s demo team. They turned one of our key brick buildings with its amazing leaded glass clerestory windows, original wood detailed facade and perfectly scaled shop windows into something common. Dear reader, if you would like to see what a thoughtful quality restoration looks like, take a look at the the work being done right now at 1103 Abbot Kinney, the Junk Food Clothing Co.

A LUPC member actually wrote Councilman Bonin’s office defending this massacre as merely a “repair” of the facade. Is there any wonder why Venice residents demanded
the VNC regime change?

We hope that the Venice Historical Society will strongly focus on protecting the rest of Abbot Kinney’s historic brick buildings now that one of the first brick buildings on the street has been destroyed. Who better to protect the heritage of our community than the Venice Historical Society?

As we move forward, optimism has replaced a sense of doom. We now hope that a project which damages our community and contradicts our Venice Specific Plan’s intent, will not be approved by the VNC or the city. Venice residents expect all future project approvals to be based strictly on what our local land use plan intended for our community. It won’t be easy to reverse course with Planning or with VNC’s criteria for approving projects. The broad interpretation of our Venice Specific Plan used by city Planning and our VNC must cease.

The people have spoken. Now it’s time for VNC and city planning to listen.

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