Worn Linens, Used Furniture and Re-Cycled Oil

Actions speak, words don’t.

We wanted to love the hotel project. We had great hope for its success.
We thought the developer group would do this project with an authentic sensitivity and a determination to fit right into the scale of the neighborhood.

The hope just died.

We just took a look at the drawings and the renderings of this city-block-long project. We read the developer’s description of how much they were doing for the community by building it. We had no idea they would focus on how to build around the rules for scale in the Venice Specific Plan.

No other word than “stunning” comes to mind when you see it in black and white.

The project’s precedent-setting height, unmitigated truck and trash management, lack of employee parking and other big issues will negatively impact the surrounding community more than any other issue has in the last 50 years. We are not even going to get into the horrifying ‘mass’ issue in this edition. One thing is certain at first glance, this is not a project which will be in scale either in size or ambiance with our neighborhood. Expect our focus on the scale when they reveal more detailed drawings.

What were we thinking? Why did we actually believe we were going to get a sweet hotel nestled right in which would look and feel like its been here for years? We were hoping for winner– a one-of-a-kind hotel that was welcomed by the community? We were delusional!

The developer group presented how ‘green’ they will be and how much money they will be giving local groups and schools while all the time they never got off their track to build the biggest hotel and maximum rooms they could get on the land. They have a ‘model’ of how much money they will make with so many rooms. And, that is this project’s mission. The model is the mission. They must be granted variances to the Venice Specific Plan if they are to achieve that mission.

Benefits to Venice?

92 rooms in a height-busting structure modeled to fit the profit scheme they set for this hotel/restaurant /bar/spa operation. Their determination to use every inch of land to bring in revenue is evident in every line they drew on their plans–and in what they did not draw.

Despite claims otherwise, we see absolutely no evidence that they made even the slightest effort to design to a scale which would fit comfortably, nicely into the neighborhood. There is no friendly and welcoming local hotel here– you could plop it down just about anywhere and let the revenue stream begin flowing.

More benefits?

92 rooms, multiple restaurants and bars, and all the other ancillary hotel services in an over-height structure which will paralyze all nearby local streets with its 24/7 delivery trucks and trash trucks to say nothing of guest arrival auto congestion.

The developers could not give up a teensy bit of revenue-earning land to provide a serious loading and unloading dock for management of all the trucks. Instead, they expand a sidewalk area the size of a small beach lot and designated it their loading and unloading area.

On top of the truck congestion they are building into their project, they have no serious management of the trash storage and collection. We already know about their current trash ‘management’ and how much room trash trucks need to pick up the trash bins.

Think about Abbot Kinney, Broadway and Electric blocked and backed up with trucks trying to get in and get out of this hotel operation every day of the week. You already know how the trucks double park in alleys now and line up in the center of Abbot Kinney to make their deliveries. Our conclusion is that the developers did not designate more than token space for trucks and trash because doing that would cost them profit. Their eyes are closed shut to what they are going to do to the neighborhood with this plan. Why? Because their profit model demands 92 rooms!

The developer’s gift’s to the community:

1. The hotel’s worn linens donated to the poor
2. The hotel’s used furniture donated to the poor
3. They will re-cycle their cooking oil
4. Increased revenue for the City
5. They will spread around a money-pot for various local groups to buy their support
6. Jobs

The hotel as presently proposed will burden the community forever and ever. It will destroy the irreplaceable ‘touch and feel’ of this wonderful neighborhood. When these developers leave and cash in with a future sale of a deluxe hotel operation on ‘the coolest street in America’ to a Marriott or Peninsula Group, we will be left with the detritus of this ill-thought-out project.

The proposal by this group demands all of our attention. If you don’t speak up and insist they get it right for our community, it will get built as they want it. We will be forced to cope with a permanent and daily endurance test as we struggle to live with its long-term effects.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Venice residents must get involved. Follow this project closely. Only resident involvement and their insistence will assure that this hotel development be good for our community.


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